Meet the Institute for Cultural Communicators

The vision of Institute for Cultural Communicators is to enlarge a global community
empowering next generation Christians to influence today’s culture.

The mission of Institute for Cultural Communicators is
to help ordinary students become extraordinary leaders.


Intern Team

Kai Chen

Maryland, USA

Meet Kai Chen, a 2022 Fall Ambassador with ICC. He has loved serving on ICC’s Area Student Leader Team (ASLT) for the past year by helping to lead video chats for students in his area, and he is ecstatic to see what his time as an intern will bring. He has lived with his parents and brother Ken in Ellicott City, Maryland, where he enjoys video editing, computer science, and art. Kai hopes to use his talents in detail management to be another set of eyes to double or triple or quadruple check any work for the Fall Ambassador team. He looks forward to encouraging and listening to others on tour.

Celeste Haywood

Michigan, USA

ICC’s 2022 Fall Ambassador Celeste Haywood joins the team from Allendale, Michigan. She has studied and served with her ICC chapter, Speak Life, and wants to be a part of the Global Student Leader Media Team (GSLMT) in the future. She wants to use this internship to give back to the program that has given so much to her, helping others experience the benefits of a life-giving community. Celeste loves crafts, art, and making memories with friends on her robotics team. Her big family doesn’t end with her five siblings – she also has 19 pets! (You’ll have to meet her and guess which animals they are during ICC’s events!)

Olivia Hebert

Lousiana, USA Olivia Hebert hails from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and is part of our 2022 Fall Ambassador team. She adores art of all kinds (including cinematography!), reading, and being active on the beach. Before starting her ICC internship, Olivia was on the Global Student Leader Media Team (GSLMT). She lives with her parents, sister Bella, tons of chickens, a goat, a herd of bunnies, and their two dogs named Duke and Kona. Olivia hopes to use her time as an Ambassador to encourage younger students to find their voice and confidence in ICC, the same way she did at the beginning of high school at her first Communicators for Christ conference.

Eion Hollman

Eion Hollman is ready to add his influence to the 2022 Fall ambassador team where he looks forward to inspiring students to create and tell the story that only they can tell. Hailing from Madera, California, he enjoys playing classical guitar and being outside on his skateboard or roller blades. You may think that Eion and his 8 siblings would fill a household – but they also find room for their 3 cats, 4 dogs, chickens, goat, and a 21-year-old snake. Eion hopes his time on the Ambassador team empowers him to help others share Christ’s love and light through their words and conduct.

Gaby Lamy

Maryland, USA

Gaby Lamy joins the 2022 Fall Ambassador team from Clarksburg, Maryland where she has served in many different Student Leader roles throughout her time in ICC. In addition to cooking, baking, and playing with her blind-yet-spunky dog Thunder, Gaby enjoys reading and listening to TED talks. Her passion for education – leading small groups, helping others discover and use their strengths – drives her to inspire others as an Ambassador and empower them to achieve their goals and fullest potential. She looks forward to serving families like yours this year and learning more about other cultures!

Hope Lukachick

Louisiana, USA

Currently studying English at Louisiana State University, Hope Lukachick is currently a member of the 2022 Fall Ambassadors and previously served on ICC’s Global Student Leader Team (GSLT). She is from Geismar, Louisiana and is the ninth child in a family of ten kids – most of whom have been in the Institute! Hope loves philosophical discussions, classical literature, and spending time with her eight nieces and one nephew. You are likely to find her weeding her garden or writing. She strives to have an impact on students who struggle with communicating their ideas, just as she did before joining ICC. She wants to make lasting relationships and help spread life-giving community.

Louise Ruff

South Carolina, USA

Louise Ruff is a 2022 Fall Ambassador from Ridgeway, South Carolina who can often be found reading Jane Austen or the Hunger Games on her porch swing. When she’s not serving on ICC’s Ambassador or Global Student Leader Team (GSLT), she loves taking in the beauty of the outdoors with her 90-pound dog named Beau. Louise has a passion for music (whether teaching herself piano, listening to records, or leading worship at her church) and for old things (movies, books, buildings, etc.). ICC has always been a safe place for her to share her ideas and use her voice, and she’s excited to mentor others to understand that their voice matters.

Nehemiah Yen


From Singapore, Nehemiah Yen joins the ICC Fall Ambassador team this year. He enjoys martial arts, music, movies, and running and hiking outdoors. Nehemiah hopes to provide the same sense of community for others that he has experienced throughout his time in ICC. He believes that the confidence, support, and sense of belonging that a student can gain as a result of building relationships with amazing people is perhaps one of the best things they can take away from their own ICC experience. Nehemiah is eager to do his part to help equip students to grow and develop as a result of this community.

Catherine Gunther

Catherine Gunther

Maryland, USA | Team Co-Liaison

Hello, my name is Catherine Gunther! I live in Annapolis, Maryland, where I can see the Naval Academy from my house. When I’m not doing schoolwork, I enjoy editing videos, creating art with vibrant colors, and playing the piano. I am the youngest of 9 children, and I have been a part of the Institute for Cultural Communicators’ global community for 12 years. Over the years, I have personally grown in expressing my own thoughts and feelings, as well as listening to and respecting the thoughts and feelings of others. I am eagerly anticipating being an Ambassador for a community that has given me so much.

Michaela Young

Michaela Young

Minnesota, USA | Team Co-Liaison

Hello! My name is Michaela Young, and I come from Minnesota. When I’m not studying, you’ll most likely find me crafting lattes as a barista, playing Ultimate Frisbee, practicing piano, or reading historical fiction. During my nine years in ICC, I developed a passion for storytelling and served on multiple student leadership teams in the organization. While attending one of my first international conferences, I was struck by the uplifting atmosphere and incredible intentionality of the ICC community – which is what keeps bringing me back year after year!

Adult Leaders

Eunice Au

Director, ICC Academy | CFC Parent-Teacher Curriculum Designer

Eunice is an avid reader and loves learning. Since 2012, she has been motivated to create interactive, online learning experiences both in the US and internationally. She has served in the Institute as the Director of the ICC Academy since its inception. Most recently, with her husband Au, she relocated to Singapore to serve with OMF, a global fellowship of Christians with a heart for East Asia. She is now enjoying gardening year-round, buying fresh produce in open-air wet markets, and connecting with her three daughters in the US via WhatsApp. She loves to empower others to serve with excellence and integrity, to follow Christ with confidence, and to labor with faithfulness for the advance of God’s heavenly kingdom.
Antoinette Bloomer

Antoinette Bloomer

Area Leader, Great Lakes / Online Global Area

In 2011, Antoinette Bloomer attended her first CFC Conference and knew she had found a like-minded community where she could help her students grow. She started a local chapter, serving as Chapter Sponsor for 7 years, and recently stepped into the role of Great Lakes Area Leader. Antoinette has a Bachelor’s in Music Education with a minor in Interpersonal Communication. She is the music director at her homeschool co-op where she enjoys combining music, speaking, humor, and the timeless message of the Gospel into inspiring programs. Antoinette loves lists, true stories, and temperaments, and lives with her husband Brad and their five children in Delta, Ohio, where they own a rental business and sell Italian Ice at local events. Her passion comes from Colossians 3:23: Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men.

Anna Carrion

ICC Department of People Care

Anna and her family first became involved with ICC in New Jersey 10 years ago. After moving to Ohio, she started the first chapter in Columbus with her two sons. She has served as the Great Lakes Area Coordinator for three years. Anna earned a BS in Industrial Management Engineering at De La Salle University. Growing up in the Philippines, a culture with a strong focus on family, Anna taught computer software to business and bank professionals. She and her husband of 26 years, Anton, moved to the United States in 1994 where she discovered her love of ballroom dancing. Anna has two grown sons, who have served with ICC as touring ambassadors.
Brian Eliason

Brian Eliason

Western Area Coordinator

Brian Eliason has been married to his wife Robin for 27 years and has a wide and varied background. From being a literal rocket scientist to conducting an orchestra, Brian has been a creative coach his entire life and has thoroughly enjoyed helping to homeschool his daughter. He has been evaluating speakers for over 30 years and he recently stepped down from being the Modesto, CA Teaching Leader for Bible Study Fellowship after 17 years, but still says he’s not the public speaker in his family. After all, he is also the brother of Dr. Moon.

Sharon Foster

Sharon Foster

Area Leader, Eastern Area

Sharon is a humble follower and servant of Jesus, who finds joy in serving others in the mundane moments in life. Since joining ICC in 2014, she has been stretching and growing alongside her three sweet, highly energetic children. Her friendly, introverted personality desires to quietly settle in the background, but ICC has taught her that change only occurs when one is challenged. It is because of ICC’s encouraging and supportive environment that she is willing to step into her roles of Chapter Sponsor and Area Leader, challenging her to become a better servant for the Lord.

Mary Gunther

ICC Chief Influence Officer

Mary Gunther understands what it means to operate in a rapidly changing environment. And she likes it that way! A graduate in the 2nd class of women from the United States Naval Academy in 1981 and mother of nine, she has been involved in leadership education for the past 25+ years. After attending her first ICC conference in 2005, she brought ICC conferences to Maryland and started the first ICC Chapter. Mary’s interests are varied and diverse: from graphic design, organizational health, strategic action, latest tech trends, and visual storytelling. Along with her experience and training in leadership development, Mary holds a certificate in Art Integration across Curriculum from the Kennedy Center in Washington DC as well as a certificate in Christian Nonprofit Leadership from Christian Leadership Alliance. She assumed her current role Chief Influence Officer in May 2017. Mary lives in Annapolis MD with her husband and a rapidly changing at any time number of children.

Stephanie Haywood

Stephanie Haywood

Student Leader Liaison, Great Lakes / Global Online Area

Stephanie joined ICC seven years ago and is thankful for its community and intentionality. She has served as a Chapter Sponsor for her local chapter in Michigan and is now stepping into the role as Student Leader Liaison. Stephanie enjoys making things for others and helping them with just about anything. She collects fabric and animals. Willing to experiment with most activities, she is more interested in spending time with others than the actual activity. Moreover, if the activity involves a costume or an element of game play, you’ll make her day. Her family says she can make just about anything fun, and she doesn’t take anything too seriously.

Melanie Heatwhole

Melanie Heatwhole

Student Leader Liaison, Western Area

With over ten years of experience working with teenagers and college students in small groups, Melanie Heatwole brings plenty of insight and encouragement to her role as Student Leader Liaison. Her family is based in Ripon, CA Melanie, her husband Seth, and her three children who are active in ICC. Melanie achieved a BSN from Biola University, and she loves to get outdoors to explore and be active. She hopes to walk alongside students and their parents, encouraging them to take new leadership opportunities and supporting them in taking the necessary steps to become eligible for new roles.



Michelle Hebert

Michelle Hebert

Area Leader, Central Area

Michelle, her husband, and two daughters relocated to Baton Rouge, Louisiana over 3 years ago. They always knew that they wanted their daughters to be communicators for Christ, but how does this happen? Thankfully, they were led to a group of wonderful, like-minded friends that introduced them to ICC. Being part of a local chapter of ICC has given them love and support, a place to grow, to learn, and to make mistakes. What truly amazed Michelle is that she experienced the same training and mentoring, in a supportive environment, as her children did—a win win! As she takes on the role of Central Area Leader, she’s excited about the new challenges, growing into a competent communicator and serving her area families with love.
Jane Lukachick

Jane Lukachick

Student Leader Liaison Coordinator

When Jane attended her first Communicators for Christ conference in 2007, she was sold and helped start a chapter with a friend in Prairieville, La. Two years later she became Chapter Sponsor and served that way for several years, then as Area Leader, and then as Area Coordinator for the South Central Area. Now she’s stepped into a new role: Coordinator for the Area Student Leader Teams. She and her husband, Mark, have 10 children, 8 grandchildren and have been married for 37 years. One of her favorite “hobbies” is traveling with Mark around the country, visiting all of them.

Deborah Mackall

Global Resource Team

Deborah Mackall and her husband have 7 children, spanning 21 years from oldest to youngest. She loves communicating and connecting with others and for many years secretly longed to be a story teller. Recently she completed a Writing for Children course and has finally admitted that her ultimate goal is to write non-fiction novels. You will probably never find her far from a stash of chocolate or the next party idea. Deborah attended her first Communicator’s for Christ Conference in 2006, where Dr. Moon’s words resonated in her heart. Having been searching for good mentors for her boys, she really wanted this community for her entire family. In 2009, she joined chapter with the agreement she would sponsor a new chapter the following year. And in 2015, she stepped into the Area Coordinator role for 4 years. She is currently an Area Leader on the Global Resource team, supporting the Mid-Atlantic Area while working to invent her new role in resources.

Joan Martin

Joan Martin

Great Lakes Area Coordinator

Joan is magnetically interested in Peacemaking and anything relational – a gift she brings to our CFC conference faculty roster! As a bit of an eclectic, she enjoys water sports, the pets on her hobby farm, volleyball, and mostly non-fictional reading. On weekends away, she assists her hubby in their entrepreneurial business of equine photography or spends weeknights watching her kids play sports on various homeschool teams. Joan is a unique introverted Edleman Red, a lover of cappuccino and homemade desserts, and an ever-growing member of the ICC community.

Dr. John McLean

Physician, Entrepreneur, and ICC Board Member

Dr. John McLean sees a better future — he’s a visionary and an entrepreneur. His latest project is the building and running of a new kind of hospital: the neighborhood hospital.  All of his six children received years of ICC training, and he’s convinced that his two grandchildren, who participate in an ICC chapter currently, will be prepared for their futures because of it. Southeast Asia is special to him; three of his  children are of from this area, and he has done years of work with a Philippine orphanage. He believes in the benefit of the ICC training and has frequently backed that up with donations to make it possible for students to experience the transformation of the ICC community.

Lisa McLean

People Care Team

With a degree in education and twenty years’ experience in home education, Lisa McLean shares her extraordinary gift of “problem-solving in relationship” in her work on ICC’s People Care Team. She uses her role to equip people in parenting, mentoring, and loving well. Lisa and her husband have raised their six children with a heart for genuine cultural communication. All of their children—and two of their grandchildren— spent years training with ICC into adulthood.  Having traveled internationally with ICC several times, working with a global community challenges her to develop new skills and ways of thinking, to learn from other cultures, and to appreciate the immensity and diversity of the Church. Her passion: to disciple Christ-followers in wisdom, respect, and holiness.

Dr. Teresa Moon

ICC President/CEO

ICC founder, Dr. Teresa Moon continues to serve as the organization’s President and CEO. Her mentees have spoken at the White House, Congress, the G8 Summit, the United Nations and in countries around the world. After 30 years of training organizational leaders, teachers, parents, students, and youth workers in 16 countries and in every state in America, Dr. Moon is more committed than ever to equipping authentic leaders who engage and transform culture. Dr. Moon is a nationally recognized speaker, leadership consultant, author, communications coach, and President of Communicators Advantage Project (CAP), a publishing and consulting company. Teresa enjoys thought provoking books and movies, leisurely lunches and walks, bold coffees and ideas, and brainstorming culture and the future intergenerational teams. Her favorite Millennials are her two grown sons, Wendell and Devin. Teresa and her husband David call Tennessee home.

Tina Moser

Community Support Team

Tina loves connecting people to people and people to resources. She collects and archives information for fun, just in case it might be useful for troubleshooting a problem in the future. Planning for every possible contingency is a delight, and her trust in God keeps her from going overboard. Another of her great joys is supporting members of the ICC community and working on international and intergenerational teams. Tina likes to cook, and her husband Charles and children Noah and Lydia say she’s pretty good at it, too.

An Normand

Director, Global Engagement | Cultural Intelligence Educator

A physical therapist by training, An worked with typically- and atypically-developing children for twenty years before making a career shift. She became involved with ICC ten years ago, where she has since been fulfilling one of her great passions: equipping and mentoring adults. An is of Belgian descent and a strong advocate for intergenerational and intercultural communication. She loves learning by immersion and her vision is to be a reflective listener who creatively reframes other people’s thinking.

Keri Power

Keri Power

Area Coordinator, Central Area

Keri is a Nebraska girl living in a Louisiana world. Her family moved to Louisiana in 2015: husband John of 27 years and two awesome kiddos, Kaleigh and Jesse. Keri loves to read, homeschool, work puzzles, and she absolutely treasures any time spent with family. Keri and John had a desire for their children to be effective communicators, as they believe that words have power, so later in 2015, the family joined the Institute for Cultural Communicators, jumping in with both feet. ICC has been essential in helping them to achieve that goal. Moreover, ICC has empowered Keri to step out of her comfort zone and work on her own communication skills. Serving in adult leadership roles available to her, beginning with Chapter Sponsor and Student Leader Liaison, she is currently the Area Coordinator for the Central area. She loves working with both students and adults, building relationships and hearing their stories.

Julie Rambo

Eastern Area Coordinator

Julie Rambo is an artist, gardener, lover of Jesus, and a homeschool graduate. Julie believes teens should be challenged to step out of their comfort zone. At 17, she became the director of a children’s ministry running 12-week Bible camps with teams from across the Eastern United States. She attended Pratt Institute, in Brooklyn, NY to study Communication Design, with an emphasis in Illustration. Her dream is to create art that shares a story. Julie lives in South Carolina with her husband and their four children. As a Chapter Sponsor and Student Leader Liaison for ICC, Julie wants to influence today’s culture by discipling the next Christian generation. Julie has been a successful leader – fundraising for her chapter; helping grow leaders and resources; and building influence in her community.

Nicole Ricks

Director | Student Leadership

Nicole Ricks loves young people and her life reflects that call. For over 9 years, she has served and mentored both students and adults. As Director of Student Leadership, Nicole is an innovator who is intentionally challenging and supporting Area and Global Student Leadership Teams as well as the adult liaisons around the globe. She has launched new online curriculum and created tools to support the growth and development of her teams. Currently finishing her degree in Nursing and mentoring her five children, she is a natural nurturer, a lover of fun and friendship, and a pursuer of excellence.

Dede Ruff

Director, ICC Forensics Society

Dede Ruff enjoys the challenge of intentionally innovating. This year, as Director of ICC’s Forensics Society, she’s helped to innovate a new online tournament experience that has brought together intergenerational teams from four countries and expanded opportunities for real-world training. Entering her 8th year in ICC, she loves learning – and trying- new things, especially if they’re challenging. Dede earned her BA in Economics from Washington and Lee University as part of the second co-ed class at the all-male school. She has served as and ICC Chapter Sponsor and then as Southeast Area Coordinator for 3 years. She is part of the new online chapters ICC is launching this year and looks forward to developing community in new ways. Her love of community comes from living in a small town where everyone knows your name. She and her husband operate a 6th-generation family business and live in a house built by his family in 1904 which requires lots of innovating to work with life in 2020.
Andrea Tjarks

Andrea Tjarks

Student Leader Liaison, Central Area

Andrea has always lived in Minnesota, but her love for people is global. All her interests and hobbies involve connecting with people and getting to know them better. The global community with ICC has been a wonderful fit for her since 2013. When it comes to working with students, Andrea has worked with all ages in various roles over the years. Teenagers are her favorite because of their fresh perspectives as young adults. She lives in Minneapolis with her husband and three daughters where they enjoy city life and homeschooling.

Christina Gomez Waguespack

Global Student Leader Media Team Coordinator

Christina has a passion for coaching others to become extraordinary leaders. With degrees in Engineering and Psychology, she uses her attention to detail, digital technology, individualization, nurturing, and peacemaking skills to challenge and support the leaders she mentors. She has served in a variety of roles and as a member of the Student Leader Development Team where she develops and publishes leadership training for students. She’s just stepped into the role of Global Student Leader Media Team Coordinator. Christina and her husband of 28 years have raised three children and homeschooled them through high school. They attended their first Communicators for Christ Conference in New Jersey in 2009 and joined the local chapter immediately. She was a Systems and Network Engineer for fourteen years as well as BSA Troop Committee Chair and Eagle Scout Advisor, farm co-op host, and highschool math and history teacher for a co-op. She spends her summers swimming at a community pool and going with family and friends to the beach.
Jenae Whitehead

Jenae Whitehead

Student Leader Services Coordinator

Jenae and her husband Mike have been married 22 years and have 8 children. She first joined a chapter in Louisiana in 2007 when her oldest daughter was 6. Her children have literally grown up in the institute! She moved to Michigan in 2016 and has served in the roles of Chapter Sponsor, Student Leader Liaison, and now Student Leader Services Coordinator on the Student Leader Development team. She enjoys increasing her learning through online classes and reading books. She has learned that slow is fast in the development of her children as well as in her own personal growth.

Amy Yen

East Asia/Global Online Global Coordinator

Amy is one of the pioneers that started the first ICC international chapter in Singapore in 2010 and helped organize the first CFC Conference in East Asia in 2014. She was an ICC Chapter Sponsor before starting the first UK chapter in Leeds. She saw the need for ICC in Europe and went on to organize and host the first CFC Europe in Nov 2019.

Before homeschooling her children full time, Amy was a lecturer in the local polytechnic, training students in intercultural communication and life skills subjects. Her passion for intercultural studies has led her to Indonesia, Australia, and Vietnam as well as finding a home in both Singapore and the UK. Amy is also active in her local church ministries like the English class for migrant ladies, and café ministry for the homeless and needy.Eas