Parents and teachers are the first coaches of communication and leadership in the lives of today’s students. At Communicators for Christ conferences, coaches are invited into workshops for the purpose of gaining new and renewed understanding of coaching the next generation for real influence in today’s culture. This year’s coach workshops will take a deeper dive into some of the topics recently encountered at ICC events. Familiar topics will be studied and applied in richer, fuller ways with new opportunities, tools, and resources for continued growth beyond the conference. Our purpose extends beyond giving you valuable information. We want to connect you with a life-giving community. You will experience the genuine support and encouragement you need to develop your own inspiring vision of what is not only possible, but attainable for your own students.


The online format allows for you to safely participate from the comfort of your own space. Large group instruction combined with small group discussions provide valuable insights and information as well as real connection and engagement. With the goal of personal application, this curriculum is designed to be practically and immediately useful for every parent and teacher.


Our Communicators for Christ Faculty has over 250 years of combined communication coaching and leadership mentoring experience. Their personal transformation stories, practical tips, wise guidance, and expertise create a valuable experience in developing yourself as a coach and mentor. You will gain researched-based concepts and best practices to better empower the next generation Christians in your life.

Our faculty is comprised of seasoned speakers and authors of several published works. There are teachers and curriculum designers who have developed the tools to assist you in your own teaching. Our experienced coaches and mentors have tested the resources and practices you will learn about. Professionals, executives, and business and organizational leaders will provide you with real world evidence and application of the skills your students need to succeed.


A few of the topics available for our coaches are listed here.

Communicating for Christ in Culture

Once we identify with Christ, we are already communicating for Christ. The question now is, what and how will we represent him in our communities? We’ll explore some common misunderstandings and new approaches to Christian communication. There are also times we must agree to disagree. How do we present opposing views while working toward unity? Is it possible to collaborate well with people we don’t agree with? We’ll discover techniques for practicing respectful, intentional disagreement as an essential part of collaborative experiences.
Coaching Communicators: Observe seasoned coaches in real live coaching sessions with growing communicators. Learn ICC’s methodology and some best practices to apply in your own coaching. Discover tips for helping young communicators get ready to receive feedback. Target your coaching for the communicator and and help them consider their audience.

Vital Signs

5 essential skills every student needs for success in education and in life. The research is clear. There are five essentials for success in education and in the workplace. These appear in university studies, marketplace research, and missions training. They are being integrated across educational programs in prep schools, home schools and underground Christian co-ops in cultures hostile to Christianity. Learn how to integrate them into your own home education as you prepare real students for the real world. Learn to measure, recognize, and develop these in your students.

Coaching Online

Proven ways to connect and coach our students online. ICC coaches have been teaching, coaching, mentoring, and meeting online for years. We have developed some proven strategies for creating energizing learning environments, engaging coaching sessions, and inspiring meetings. We’ve also learned a lot about addressing and overcoming “zoom fatigue.” Believe it or not, it’s possible. We’ll share what we’ve been learning with you so you can give your zoom time some Vroom!

Round Table It!

ICC’s collaborative, problem-solving experience in growing all 5 essential skills in one activity. Discover new ways you can coach your students toward personal growth and real world consensus-building. Learn more about each step in the problem solving process, why it’s so important, and how your students can use this invaluable tool in just about every community they will ever be part of.

Emotional Intelligence

It’s more than a buzz word. The research tells us it makes all the difference. We’ll explore what it is, why it matters, and how it positions your student to stand out from the crowd. We’ll look at specific areas you can recognize and begin mentoring today.

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