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In 2021, over 63% of students on college campuses were reluctant to speak (Inside Higher Ed, June 2022). 

Knowing what you believe requires understanding. Sharing what you believe requires practice

Since 1998, Communicators for Christ has been serving students and adults through communication education: from sharing what you believe to collaborating with a team… and beyond. 

Communicators for Christ is an interactive learning space where students practice becoming an influential voice in their communities.

Don’t be afraid to share. Get ready to speak.

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“The ICC conference did not disappoint! My two sons left enthusiastic and energized by the ICC team of role models. An outstanding learning and bonding experience for a dad and his children!”
Chad Rex
Educator and Father
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Communicate For A Change Program

Want a sneak peek at some Communicators for Christ content? Join us for a free one-hour webinar hosted by our Student Leaders!

ICC’s teenage Ambassadors lead this engaging experience in communicating for real influence. Humorous vignettes, inspiring stories, and interactive fun times demonstrate how you really can communicate for a change.